Morgan becomes a tourist attraction

Morgan becomes a tourist attraction

Morgan becomes a tourist attractionTraditional UK sports car manufacturer Morgan Cars is becoming a tourist attraction.

The maker, based in Malvern, is seeing rocketing interest in tours of its compact premises.

According to Morgan around 700 people a year are currently being taken on a 90-minute tour of the unusual car assembly plant, famed for its traditional building methods in wood and steel.

With just 174 people working at Morgan making the cars there is no time for them to act as guides to the visitors, so the company has recruited Morgan enthusiasts to fulfil the role.

Currently tours are taking place around twice a day, with visitors coming from all over the world.

According to Morgan’s chief designer Matthew Humphries, who joined the company as a work experience student seven years ago, many tours are taking place at present.

“Sometimes we know they are coming and other times a handful will just turn up unexpectedly because they know about us.”

Morgan builds about 900 cars a year, mostly for the UK and European market. However the company says there is increasing interest from the US, particularly in the new three-wheeler.

The two-seater three-wheelers, which hark back to Morgan’s earliest models, were introduced last year alongside the signature four-wheeled two-seat roadster.

Waiting lists for orders frequently extend beyond 12 months depending on model.

Back in 1991 the company became infamous as the subject of a Troubleshooter TV programme by entrepreneur Sir John Harvey-Jones, who urged Morgan to update its methods to increase production or face going under.

While several of Sir John’s recommendations were gradually introduced the brand’s traditional outlook has survived and Morgan is a success today.

However more up-to-date new models have been introduced and at the Geneva Show earlier this month Morgan showed an electric version of its roadster.

Story: Headline Auto – Additional: Andrew Charman

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