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Fluence powers up Renault’s electric ambitions

Fluence powers up Renault’s electric ambitions


Fluence powers up Renault’s electric ambitions


Renault’s Fluence Z E electric car will arrive in showrooms in the middle of the next year as the French brand ramps up its zero-emissions programme.

According to its makers the car, which will go on sale after the internal-combustion version, is aimed at private customers and fleet operators who want a four-door saloon which is both economical and eco friendly.

It is pitched as the first affordable three-box electric saloon, with a combined cycle range of 115 miles which Renault says will be more than enough for the majority of daily journeys. Range can be as high as 125 miles in favourable driving conditions.

The Fluence Z E Prime Time costs £22,850 on the road, minus the Government’s £5,000 plug-in grant, bringing the cost down to £17,850. However the batteries are hired, enabling replacement every three years, and this adds £81 a month to the cost.

Renault’s Electric Vehicle Programme Director Thierry Koskas says that the launch of the car, and the Kangoo Z E van, will be the realisation of an ambitious strategy which seeks to make Renault the leader in zero-emission mobility.

“Our sales network staff is fully trained and ready to sell and service electric vehicles, with a wide-ranging offer that will include the vehicle, battery rental, battery charging and a package of other services,” he says.

“This is an important moment for Renault, for the Alliance and for our customers who are eagerly awaiting delivery of the first Fluence Z Es and Kangoo Z Es this year.”

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